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Get Unstuck with T1D

Get Unstuck with T1D is a 6-week program that helps you find freedom, flexibility, and confidence in your life with T1D.

What's inside:

In every module you will get video presentations, worksheets & templates

Module 1: Shift Your T1D Mindset

Your mindset is how you think about T1D, and your mindset can keep you stuck. You will identify your current T1D mindset, define your ideal mindset with T1D, and take steps to shift your mindset.

Module 2: Build Resilience with T1D

T1D is going to be stressful, and you can handle the stress. You will get all the tools you need to deal with whatever stress T1D throws your way.

Module 3: Change Your Relationship with T1D   

Your relationship is the way you interact with T1D. You will get clear on what your relationship with T1D looks like right now, and take steps to improve your relationship with T1D.

Module 4: Find Your Why with T1D 

Changing your behavior can be hard, and it's much easier when you know why it's worth the effort. You will get clear on your why, so you'll have the leverage you need to keep going when things get tough  - and they might!

Module 5: Lead with Action

In order to truly get unstuck and be free and flexible in your life with diabetes, you have to start behaving differently. Now is the time. You will make a plan and start putting it into action.

Module 6: Find your Superpower

Now that you’ve started taking action and trying new things, are you ready to level your diabetes game up even more? You'll get what you need to make T1D your superpower!

BONUS: Monthly Q&A Zoom call  with Dr. Mark

I've worked with 100's of people with T1D to help them GET UNSTUCK and live lives they want WITH T1D.